Media relations


A new positioning for the first Italian fintech company

Telepass, Italy’s very first Fintech company, has developed a strong business over the years to become a virtual digital ecosystem supporting mobility, whose mission it is to facilitate the movement of persons.

To effectively promote the company’s wide-ranging service offer, various media relations initiatives have been launched. The ensuing communications programs were delivered at an intense pace and aiming to achieve high KPI visibility.

One arm of the multi-strategy approach involved reputation management of CEO Gabriele Benedetto, already a highly renowned figure on LinkedIn who did much to promote the perception of Telepass as an opinion leader in all things mobility.

Prior to enacting the campaigns, the steps to take were informed by specific studies on mobility trends and the perceived favorable view of Telepass as a factor in reducing air pollution.

This key factor would become the foundation of a communications package surrounding services offered, including news on using Telepass for parking payments – a welcome service announced in the local press of communities involved.

Another arm of the communications package was directed toward business partnerships, in particular, those leading to innovations such as an important accord with Generali Italia for connected cars, which saw over 60 journalists in attendance at the press conference.

Another service deserving of attention was Telepass for sports, especially ski resorts, with the launch of its new SkiPass payment system.