Corporate communication, reputation management

Acciaierie d'Italia

Environmental transition of Italy’s largest metallurgy group

Since 2019, we have curated both internal/external communications for Acciaierie d’Italia, the joint public-private venture between Invitalia and ArcelorMittal, which took over operations for the formerly State-owned Ilva conglomerate.

We bring strategic consultancy and carry out traditional and digital communications initiatives aimed at cementing the perception of its operations and importance as a primary metal for the country and an entity integral to the circular economy, starting with the raw materials.

Our activities extend 360º at the services of both corporate headquarters as well as key manufacturing plants across the Boot. We are constantly engaged with top management, staying aligned with all facets of this crucial business, from personnel, manufacturing, and quality control, to environmental, sales and legal teams.

Visit the Acciaierie d’Italia website, created and managed entirely by our team and our sister company, The Story Group here

Recap of Report – investigative journalism show released Nov 23, 2021 and geared toward company stakeholders on social media

Press releases and Insight, the online company magazine.

During 2023, we also designed, organized, and managed the Steel Commitment commercial roadshow, during which the company met its customers at the Racconigi, Novi Ligure, and Taranto sites.

Editorial output developed for Acciaierie d’Italia group

The Reportage of the final day of Steel Commitmen 2023, the trade roadshow of Acciaierie d'Italia, created by our sister agency, Social Content Factory

Steel Forward, corporate video 2023 created by our sister agency, Social Content Factory

Taranto d'Italia video as seen in the clips as shown on Report, Nov 29, 2021 by our sister agency, Social Content Factory