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A New Global Approach to Social Communications

Our relationship with Italian multinational Autogrill began in 2015 with the inauguration of their flagship store in Milan’s Mercato del Duomo. We were responsible for the concept and management of the launch event, media and blogger preview, and the kick-off event which included attendance by key local government officials at our invitation.

Soon thereafter, we were charged with internal communications for Autogrill as well as the re-configuring and coordination of their international social media accounts, managed directly by Lifonti & Co. for replication in other countries.

From this, we soon produced Autogrill’s Global Social Media Strategy manual, for distribution in all the countries where the company does business and ultimately including precision training on SMM for each market.

To focus on and emphasize content more tied to consumer products and services, we adopted a visual-oriented approach, with short, direct B2P copy geared toward the channels in place. Instead, for their specialized corporate communications, we developed highly precise editorial content for a B2B audience.