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Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Three years of CEO roadshow with the network

Lifonti & Company provided significant communications assistance during a crucial time in the bank’s history as it underwent a complete restructuring and reboot after the Italian government was forced to intervene and put the bank back on its tracks. This entailed assisting in particular new bank CEO, Marco Morelli.

Three years of CEO Roadshows
with the network

In an effort to put the bank’s best ‘face’ forward and lift morale, Lifonti & Company devised a ‘roadshow’ for the CEO to speak directly with its thousands of employees dispersed across Italy. The show, consisting of informational and uplifting sessions, took a three-pronged approach delivered to the bank’s salesforce nationwide.

The first show was entitled, “Io, MPS - Me, MPS” geared toward encouraging each person to take ownership at the new bank, reestablishing their relationships with customers and see the bank as ready to start anew. The campaign began with flashbacks of some of the challenges the bank has faced over the years, in a transparent effort to acknowledge its past and to show staff that a new day has dawned – opening their hearts and minds to the possibilities that lie ahead.

The second show entitled “Noi, MPS – We, MPS” looked to infuse an esprit di corps, showing staff they could move forward with confidence, knowing their efforts would be complemented by like teams, and reassure them that the bank relaunch was on the right track.

The third session was called, “La nostra via – Our journey”. This celebrated the fact that they had rounded a corner and could enjoy the pride of being part of an entity that has existed for 500 years; with core values and company culture that truly worked toward sustainability, ante litteram. Over 11,000 persons participated in this final show held in just one month and covering 11 Italian cities. It closed with a highly touching film manifesto produced by our partner, Social Content Factory.

Each live and online event was closely crafted in tandem with bank CEO, HR and Sales managers. Logistics and technical details were sub-contracted to a specialized supplier coordinated by Lifonti & Company.
Branding and visual identity were curated by partner Cabiria BrandUniverse, and Social Content Factory produced the scripts and videos for the format, including reportage of each stop of the roadshow posted to the bank’s intranet.

MPS Private 2020 Event Unplugged: “United, we forecast the Future” – Live-streamed Event

In the midst of the global pandemic lockdowns, Lifonti & Company developed and delivered a countrywide simulcast event, entirely online. The 3-day event involved persons working across the Wealth Management sector. The online conference allowed employees to hear from and interact with presenters who recorded their sessions from studios in real time.

The initiative was developed in partnership with investment houses during product training workshops. Companies were able to present to their colleagues in the field their vision of the markets along with the specialized support they offer clients.

The event was hosted by TV journalists Andrea Cabrini and Jole Saggese, who moderated and added verve to presentations, expertly handling interactive sessions with bankers connected across all of Italy.

The esteemed keynote speaker, Prof. Luciano Floridi, contributed to the storytelling, adding his personal touch to the wealth of engaging and sometimes heartfelt content being shared.

One highlight was the original documentary created specifically for the event by Lifonti & Co. partner, Social Content Factory. Called “Il fattore ascolto”, it was an in-depth journalistic reportage on the importance of listening and the difference being a good listener can make.