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Accompanying the largest Italian public company on traditional and digital channels

The first phase of our collaboration with Prysmian Group started with working in traditional media and online spaces to promote their activities and inform the public about the global operations of this innovative and exciting industrial concern. Lifonti & Co. used our talent in conceptualizing their voice and managing editorial content in both English and Italian for their website www.prysmiangroup.com and mouthpiece, Insight magazine, dedicated to stakeholders.

Our second major corporate communications initiative involved the planning and development of Prysmian’s recruitment campaigns to attract quality talent while at the same time, enhance their employer branding as a place where quality candidates could work in a global organization. The Make It and Sell It campaigns were born: with hiring posts launched on social media and on their global website.

The hugely successful campaigns involved developing multi-format content (videos, first-person stories, ADV) and ensuring their proper placement on Facebook and LinkedIn to achieve greater engagement and ultimately, submissions of applications by potential candidates. We also made sure online applications could be submitted across a number of social networks and platforms, including Glassdoor and Xing, and on local sites such as VKontakte and Sina Weibo, in local languages.

During our long relationship, Lifonti & Co. has been charged with enriching and expanding a multitude of Prysmian Group’s communications, both internally and externally, with a special focus on local markets as well.

Other key initiatives include: targeted advertising programs, enhancing visibility of Prysmian Group (CPR, Monitoring), developing annual financial reports announcements adding sustainability parameters, promoting the Italian version of their CableApp (an application for industry specialists to size up the correct dimensions of cables ready for installation), and the revamping of their Prysmian Club, the Italian portal for electric utility experts with content development to achieve optimal content marketing, customer engagement and link building.

Many of the above activities were carried out in conjunction with our The Story Group partners, Cabiria BrandUniverse and Social Content Factory.