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Smart Stakeholder Engagement

Today, false news can spread like wildfire, even threatening the very existence of a company. Just like in the case of a single tweet, from Australia that caused problems for a major Swiss banking group. In such situations, it is essential to have a plan to monitor and counter the spread of fake news on social media, while simultaneously addressing investors and depositors directly. In cases like these, our experience in crisis communication in the banking/finance sector and our digital knowledge are unique and distinctive assets.

Consider the scenario of a major strategic company becoming a constant target of conflicting interests, some of which have the power to influence daily media discourse and regulatory decisions with sometimes inaccurate information. In these situations, it is necessary to respond point by point, not hesitating to clarify and even refute. This should be done using social media tools to speak directly to the same audience targeted by counterparts, while also activating media relations in parallel. This approach prevents the accumulation of false truths and allows regulators to consider the existence of factual and verified information.

financial institution undergoing a restructuring and revitalization plan agreed upon with national and European institutions faces structural constraints with limited room for maneuver. One of the few available levers is the motivation of the sales network, which is extensive and distributed. In this situation, the role of the CEO is crucial. Only by putting them in direct contact with thousands of network members through a well-calibrated territorial roadshow can you reassure the internal audience and engage them with renewed enthusiasm in the revitalization challenge.

How can a leading smart home brand launch a revolutionary new product while involving 10,000 installers across Italy simultaneously? With a never-before-seen distributed event, broadcast via satellite in 30 locations across the country. The schedule, based on a mix of live and brand entertainment content, culminated with a famous actress and the company's CEO in a memorable duet unveiling the new technology.