We are a stakeholder engagement agency

We are a stakeholder engagement agency

People love to get taken in by enticing stories.

Today, more than ever, anyone can make news – and leave their mark, both positive or negative. That’s why, it’s never been more important than now to carefully craft your narrative, just as you build your business; one brick at a time, through intelligent, quality communications that meet your stakeholders where they are, expand their enthusiasm, and invite new audiences into the conversation.

So how to move strategically through a landscape in which ideas, thoughts and projects are no longer filtered through precise authoritative outlets, in a place where anyone can join the public forum and influence opinion? How to consolidate the identity and values of the company, its brand equity and its ESG (Environment • Social • Governance) contribution?

By directing the narrative. Making sure yours is the original source of information, and having a quick response team at the ready to reply to any outside voices, while staying on script to advance your core messages time and again.Each organization must act as its very own publishing house where they tell their own story. If not, someone else will do it for them. .

1. Every company is its own media company

At Lifonti & Company, we rise to meet this challenge by leaning into the realm of shaping opinions.

We thread this needle by enjoining our clients in a vibrant dialogue with their stakeholders: employees, customers, regulators, investors and enlisting key messengers – media outlets and opinion leaders. Every company or organization can – and must – become its very own media company when it comes to handling its various audiences: producing and disseminating timely and useful content, not only to propel the business, but also the persons inside and outside the organization.

How do we do this? By employing a mix of tools and platforms: from leveraging your own editorials and personal posts, to building mass media relationships with local and national media, to engaging on social media and driving digital PR, involving sales and service networks into the conversation, and conceiving and organizing events, packaging, corporate and brand advertising, and more.

We make sure to leave no touchpoint untouched. So our clients gain the maximum impact.

2. Every campaign runs full circle

Effective communication starts with weaving your message from the ground up into a rich tapestry of channels and devices used day in and day out. Tying the threads together that bind us to our networks and allow us to work, make purchases, pass the time, receive services and get entertained.

The various languages ‘spoken’ from visual design to Videostrategy® get intertwined into a content quilt that requires strategic management so you can be seen and heard, so people find you engaging, and so you get selected and ultimately win the support of each single audience member.

And to do this, it’s crucial to have an array of people who have mastered the various languages that you can count on to position you as experts in your field in every communication format deployed.

Depending on what goals you have and what issues you want to address, Lifonti & Company puts years of media relations experience at your full disposal, crafting the company or organization website for maximum impact, and optimizing your content hubs, intranet, live events, social media, and institutional and investor relations expertise. Add to this, uplifting internal communications programs to get employees on board and excited about things to come. We work right alongside your trusted media planning groups, or we take on your social media presence, creating ad campaigns and targeted sponsorships in a mix of earned and paid media.

And it’s here where Lifonti & Company has not one, but two, aces up its sleeve: We count on our sister companies to produce engaging content for maximum impact: Cabiria BrandUniverse, curating your design and branding universe and Social Content Factory,developing Videostrategy® projects for corporate and consumer.

Together we formThe Story Group - Nati per Raccontarti, to create integrated activities of relation building, branding and Videostrategy®

We’re known for taking first and foremost a humanistic approach, closely followed by a technological one. There may be any number of rules governing each touchpoint in the communications realm, physical, technological and statistical. But in the end, behind every stakeholder rests an individual.

Since it’s the content – not the algorithm – that makes a difference.

Our experience in crafting 150 full-scale case histories over the last 15 years has led us from major multinationals to small startups, closely coordinating with company leaders and marketing and communications management to ngo’s and governmental agencies at every level.