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Creating the future today

Since 2016, we have acted as the communications support for the logistics arm of Amazon Italia, accompanying them every step along its tremendous growth journey in Italy. During this time, the company has gone from one to over 60 distribution hubs, to be the top employer in all of Italy.

Our overarching goal for Amazon is to provide consistent, strategic consultation and a steady stream of communications from developing internal employee newsletters and videos, to public relations, to seizing opportunities that advance the positive perception of Amazon in Italy, including inaugurating sites, promoting site tours and launching video adverts countrywide.

In short, we work at directing the focus onto Amazon’s importance as part of the country’s strategic growth plan, “System Italy,” while reinforcing relationships with local communities, ngos and government agencies in each of the towns and regions where the company runs operations.

One of dozens of examples of breeding goodwill through positive messaging was the Borgo del Natale – Christmas Village project dedicated to Calitri, the Italian town with the greatest rate of per capita purchases on the e-commerce platform. 

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